A grateful farewell

Now that the semester has come to a close, so has my time as editor of this site. The process of building, launching, and maintaining the Gastronomy at BU blog was a wonderfully instructive experience, and I’d like to thank Dr. Black for the opportunity. My gratitude also goes out to all who contributed writing, ideas, suggestions, and other help this semester. Your support and efforts helped this blog develop into an interesting peek into the lives, work, and activities of Gastronomy students and faculty. And I’d be terribly remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Annaliese DeNooyer, without whom this site would be a little less lovely. You’ll notice her photos all over the place, including the ones below from the end-of-semester potluck that Emily Olson organized last week. The meal was as impressive as I’ve come to expect from my fellow Gastronomers, and a tasty way to wrap up the last few months. I look forward to breaking bread with you all again in the fall, and to watching this site grow and evolve over the coming semesters.

Enjoy summer! (If it ever arrives…)

– Erin Carlman Weber, Spring 2011 Communications Graduate Assistant

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