From Seeds to Weeds: The Urban Ag Class is in Full Bloom

It’s hard to believe there is only one week left of Summer Term I! There was barely enough time to watch seeds germinate and turn some compost in the garden. Nonetheless, the Urban Agriculture course has been a huge success for the Gastronomy Program.

Students have learned the challenges of starting tomatoes from seed and how to fight pests using organic methods. The class has visited gardens throughout Boston from the culturally diverse Berkeley Community Garden to the inspiring Carter School Sensory Garden. Topics of discussion have ranged from food and identity to urban agriculture and food security. In the end, the students seem to agree that urban agriculture has an important place in the city as an outlet for education. Whether learning practical garden skills, gaining knowledge about nutrition or encouraging civic mindedness, urban agriculture may just be a key piece in solving food and governance issues in the United States and beyond.

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