Gastronomy Student Association

Whether this is your very first semester or you’re finishing up your thesis, the Gastronomy program is all about maintaining a strong community. One of the best ways to get involved and stay connected is through the Gastronomy Student Association, a group of current students who help put together events and lectures for each semester. This group, coordinated by Emily Olson and Dan Remar, was started this past spring to give students more input into program events, lectures and social gatherings.

The Boston University Gastronomy program is experiencing an explosion of interest, and the growth in student enrollment has reached new highs. Because of this notable increase in students, we hope that this association will allow students to get to know each other, encourage networking, and build a solid community of alumni. We encourage the planning and participation of social and educational events and gatherings, and are planning some notable get togethers for this semester.

The first meeting for the 2011-2012 school year was held in late September, and meeting notes are available in PDF form below for your convenience. Anyone who is interested in contributing program ideas or suggestions, please contact Emily Olson ( or Dan Remar (

Gastronomy Student Association Minutes – 9.28.11

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