Alcohol Identified: An Interdisciplinary Study Group

by Chris Maggiolo

Alcohol is an important aspect of nearly every society. Historically, its development as a food parallels that of human sociocultural development, while contemporarily, it continues to influence not only that which is social and cultural, but also that which is natural, physical, and biological. Alcohol is involved in the creation and destruction of space, the formation and reformation of identity, in movements of freedom and in movements of oppression. It is intricately linked to the human body and to the political and economic forces that govern our world.

Alcohol Identified is an interdisciplinary study group that seeks to better understand alcohol as a food (and drug) and its roles in society and nature. I hope that it can be an environment where we, as peers with a common interest, can share ideas about the subject, present works-in-development, and engage the community (academic, professional and public) in meaningful dialogue. Additionally, it needs to be a group that provides entertaining opportunities – forays into brewing, alcohol and art, and similar field trips and informal events. Ultimately, it is my goal that we, as a group, may begin to develop a lasting presence within the academic and professional community, especially here in Boston. By compiling literature and promoting knowledge on the subject, I hope that we can create a resource to be used by anyone interested in identifying alcohol and its many stories.

To get involved in Alcohol Identified, join us for our first meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 9:15 in the Fuller building. For more information or to RSVP, email Chris Maggiolo

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