Fall 2012 Course Spotlight – Culture & Cuisine: Quebec

The fall 2012 semester will bring not only New England’s breathtaking fall foliage, but also a new course, Culture & Cuisine: Québec (ML 639 EL) taught by Rachel Black, PhD.

In this course, students will:

  • Study the history of the Canadian province of Québec from a culinary perspective
  • Investigate the native foodways of Québec
  • Explore the multi-cultural heritage of this province through farming, cooking, and eating
  • Experience firsthand the dynamic cuisine and products that make Québec a world-class culinary destination
    • Have the guidance of one of Canada’s top food and wine writers, Rémy Charest
    • Eat historic native and French Canadian dishes
    • Visit farms and fisheries in the Kamouraska and Eastern Townships, including ice cider producers, eel interpretation center, and lamb producers
    • Take part in a cheesemaking workshop
    • Have dinner at Joe Beef and meet renowned chefs David MacMillan & Frédéric Morin

Course Logistics

  • Course is open to graduate and undergraduate students
  • ‘Blended’ course, with face-to-face and distance options
  • Meets on campus in Boston: September 13, October 11, November 1 & November 29
    • For distance students, there will be online content, recordings of lectures, and discussion in place of in-class meetings
  • Travel to Québec: October 13-21, 2012

Course Cost

  • $3,040 includes:
    • 4 credits of graduate course work
    • Transportation during the trip
    • Daily meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner, and snacks
    • Museum visits, guest lectures, and workshops
  • Additional costs:
    • Transportation to and from Québec
    • Lodging
    • Additional meals
    • Healthcare coverage

For more information, contact Rachel Black

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