Gastronomy Program Congratulates 29 Graduates for Spring 2012 Commencement

The Boston University Gastronomy Program is thrilled to congratulate our largest group of graduates yet.

After completing core course work in theory and methodology, history, food and the senses, and anthropology, as well as self-selected electives, these students now go forth, armed with a unique interdisciplinary speciality in food.

We sincerely congratulate the following graduates:

  • Katie Allen
  • Mark Banville
  • Ilona Baughman
  • Rachel Bennett
  • Danielle Ceribo
  • Stephanie Chatelanat Marmier
  • Annaliese Denooyer
  • Colleen Harrison
  • Whitney Johndro
  • Anne Knopf
  • Michael Kostyo
  • Joyce Krystofolski
  • Sarah Kurobe
  • Nicole Leavenworth
  • Tiesha Lewis
  • Christopher Malloy
  • Rudolf Manabat
  • Leah Mawson
  • Libby McCann
  • Jennifer McJunkin
  • Rona Moser
  • Emily Olson
  • Ashley Pardo
  • Erin Powell
  • Mabel Ramirez Reyes
  • Daniel Remar
  • Erin Ross
  • Sarah Sholes
  • Jason Sobocinski

The following students also completed a graduating project as part of their course work:

  • Danielle Ceribo: “Soy Sauce and Coconut Milk: The Effects of Colonialism and Globalization on Guamanian Foodways”
  • Annaliese DeNooyer: “Kitchen for Three”
  • Anina Kostecki: “Nona Soup Business Plan …because everyone needs a Nona: Preparing to Launch a Food Service Business Focused on Soup and the Elderly”
  • Joyce Krystofolski: “The Oral Transmission of Culinary Practices Among Italian Immigrant and Italian-American Women: The Relevance of the Cooking Process in the Formation of The Italian Female Identity”
  • Libby McCann: “Always better when someone else makes it: Eating Culture in the Kitchen”
  • Kristen Merrill: “The Habitant and the Hamsteak: The Preservation of Historic French-Canadian Foodways and New England Migration”
  • Kristen Richards: “Using Food to Feed Minds: How Courses in Food and Culture Could Enhance the Potential of Future Hospitality Industry Leaders”

We wish all of our graduates well as they make their way in the world of food.

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