Special Fall 2012 BU Gastronomy Course: U.S. Food History with Warren Belasco

If you’re still looking for a course to round out your fall schedule, a blended course to suit your lifestyle, or an opportunity to study with one of the world’s most well known and respected food studies scholars, you’ll find it all in U.S. Food History (ML 610 EL) taught by Dr. Warren Belasco, fall 2012.

The course will meet for two Saturdays in Boston and the rest of the time via online communication. Coursework will include a wide variety of readings, web and in-person discussions, written assignments, ethnographic observations, debates, and other experiential opportunities to explore some of the following questions:

  • If we are what we eat (Brillat-Savarin) what are we if we eat American food?
  • Why does “eating American” have such a negative connotation?
  • Is there an American “cuisine,” and should we applaud or condemn it?
  • Is American food getting better or worse?
  • Was Grandma a better cook?
  • Were John and Karen Hess correct in claiming that we’ve lost our sense of taste? Compared to whom and when?
  • How did Americans come to enjoy the world’s cheapest and most abundant food supply, and what was lost along the way?

Interested students can register for the course using the BU Student Link.

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