This week is the annual Association for the Study of Food and Society/ Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society Conference, which will be held this year at Michigan State University in East Lansing. A number of Gastronomy students and faculty will be presenting papers and participating in the conference:

Rachel Black – Masters Programs in Food Studies, Food Systems and Food Policy: A Roundtable Discussion

Emily Contois — The Dudification of Dieting: Marketing Weight Loss Programs to Men in the Twenty-First Century

Beth Forrest – La Pyramide or Top of the Food Chain: Chefs, Diners, and their Changing Spaces and Status

Katherine Hysmith – “Fine Food for a Rambling Fancy:” Gastronomic Gentility and Symbolism in Jane Austen’s Texts

Brad Jones — We Nourish and Nurture the Community: An Ethnographic Investigation of Incubator Kitchens and Artisanal Food Production

Chris Maggiolo – United We Brew: Culinary Craftsmanship and the American Craft Beer Renaissance

Gabriel Mitchel – More than White Rice: Jagucida and Constructed Identity in Cape Verdean Americans

Alicia Nelson – Grow Your Own: Defining and cultivating food literacy

Catherine Womack “I don’t want no f***ing baby cup”: Diverse Eating Patterns and the Problem of Consensus in Making Food Policy.

Dun-Ying Vicki Yu – Caught in the Middle: Taiwanese-American cultural identity formed in the comfort of food

Please see the conference web site for more details.

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