Welcome New Students

With “back to school” ads in the paper, and the slightest chill in the morning air,  it is time to think about fall classes. We are pleased to have another great cohort  joining the Boston University Gastronomy Program. These new students have been asked to submit a picture of themselves, a short bio, and what they love most about food. Here are the first two:

BeebeEileen Beebe was born and raised in the great state of Vermont and firmly believes cheddar cheese should be white, food tastes better when eaten outside and maple syrup is literally the best thing ever. Her childhood memories are a blend of visits to PYO farms, cooking experiments and learning to enjoy the elegance of simple things done well. For a change of scenery, she packed her bags and headed to Clemson University to study food science where she gained appreciation for southern culture through new foods and experiences. Although her blood now runs orange, she is happy to be back in New England and is loving city life here in Boston. She is currently working in the quality assurance department at the corporate office of a grocery store. When not eating, cooking or talking about food; Eileen enjoys exploring the city, rock climbing, hiking and snowboarding. She is excited be a part of the Gastronomy program and is looking forward to making new foodie friends.

 Michael Hritz is from Ligonier, PA. He is an active duty Marine, serving since Hritz2003, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, on board the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and several times with Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Crisis Response in Spain and Italy in response to the Benghazi attacks. He is a naval aviator, having flown the CH-46 helicopter but subsequently transitioned to the KC-130J. He is currently assigned to Boston University’s NROTC program as the Marine Officer Instructor. He is interested in Gastronomy’s food policy and business aspects and hopes to, at the completion of the military career, attend culinary school and subsequently open a farm-to-table restaurant.


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