Back-to-School Season, part 4

Our Back-to-School series continues with four more new-student introductions. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in classes, starting September 2, 2015.

Louise Beck Brønnum will be coming to Boston University for the Fall 2015 semester as an exchangeLouise Bronnum student from Copenhagen University, where she is studying Food Innovation and Health. At Copenhagen University she has been responsible for the students organization ”Gastronomic Playground” where new dishes are created from knowledge of nutritional, physical and chemical perspectives of food. With themes such as “from trash to treasure” they have created dishes such as crispy fish bone, hens’ feet, and chocolate ice cream made with blood instead of egg yolks as an emulsifier. The group served these dishes at festivals, communicating knowledge in an edible way. In her spare time, Louise writes for food magazines and a restaurant guide, and has authored two cookbooks. She looks forward to sharing her understanding of the Nordic kitchen with other students in the program.

Louise writes: “I love food. I would go as far as to call myself a food fanatic, who is MADly[1] in love with food. Gastronomy needs a holistic approach, which contains the interdisciplinary aspect of food: the scientific aspect, the cultural aspect, the aesthetic aspect, the ethical aspect and the cooking skills. Combining these aspects is what I find interesting about gastronomy.”

[1] Mad; Food in Danish.

Sonia Dovedy just arrived to Sonia DovedyBoston this summer and has already fallen in love with this vibrant city – from the fragrant mint sold at Haymarket, to the incredibly fresh seafood, and of course, bike rides along the Charles River.

Growing up in an Indian kitchen in California, Sonia was exposed to bright spices, warm flavors, and the beauty of homemade food eaten amongst family at the dinner table from a very young age. Today, she equates food with love, and finds that the simplest foods are the most beautiful in flavor. Sonia loves to study cookbooks, taste new flavors, and then experiment and create her own recipes in the kitchen.

Sonia completed her undergraduate degree at University of California, Berkeley, where she studied food media and nutrition. This education opened her eyes to the ways individuals form relationships with their food based on the media and society. While recently living in India for the past two years, studying yoga with Shri BKS Iyengar, Sonia connected with food in a new light, using her five senses. The locals taught her how to listen to the sounds of perfectly toasted cumin, how to feel the softness of a well-made chapatti, and how to coddle the best cup of chai.

Sonia devotes a big part of her life to the practice of yoga and Ayurveda. She believes that food integrates perfectly together with these principles – food is truly “beautiful fuel” for the body. She loves concocting wholesome, delicious recipes to share with others as well as encouraging those around her to slow down and pay attention to the beauty on the plate. She aspires to harness the wellness power of food and make it available to everyone.

You can find Sonia in the kitchen or on her yoga mat. You can also follow her on her food/yoga/travel blog:

Amy Lipsitz grew up in a coastal town in Rhode Island then headed north to study Amy Lipsitz_BUGastroBioPublic Communications and Food Systems at the University of Vermont. Her undergraduate studies gave her insight into many aspects of the food industry and she learned her passion is cooking and nutrition. Since college Amy has combined her love of food with her communications degree and worked in food marketing roles at a nutrition magazine, health food store and, most recently, a fair trade, organic chocolate company.

Amy loves how food brings people together. This love inspired her recently launched food blog ‘Sobremesa’ which, in Spanish, refers to time spent around the table savoring food and friendship. Amy posts weekly vegetarian recipes and photos on her blog. Through this experience she’s learned a lot about food and cooking, and met amazing people from around the world. Amy’s favorite part about blogging is inviting friends over to eat after a photo shoot and seeing what they think of her latest recipe.

When Amy’s not in the kitchen she can be found traveling and discovering different cuisines, hanging out with friends or training for her next marathon.

Caroline Pierce is a Massachusetts Caroline Piercenative and attended Boston University as an undergrad where she earned a degree in Environmental Policy and Analysis. Caroline has worked as an environmental consultant for the last 4 years helping restaurants to improve their sustainability and reduce their environmental footprint. Intrigued by the food-related side of her work Caroline applied to the Gastronomy program at Boston University in order to hone her culinary interests and pursue a new career.

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